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Level II Challenges (149)

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Spirale — Part 1

[allard-01] - 4 users already solved this challenge, 2 are working on it.

Spirale is a OTP cipher designed to be simple to implement by hand. It is resilient to errors as they have only a local effect without obscuring all the ciphertext.
Part 1 is a partly-known plaintext challenge with a 314-letter ciphertext. The first 75 letters of the plaintext are known.
Part 2 of this series uses the same four keys as this one.

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Author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Published on: 2015-08-23 19:04
Maximum number of attempts for this challenge: 15

All successful users of this challenge

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S Combes (jerva) 1378 (170300) 2015-09-12 21:12:42
J-L Morel (Rossignol) 1143 (37723) 2017-01-19 15:14:20
George Lasry (george4096) 1129 (351773) 2017-08-21 20:56:27
Kurt Gebauer (Yokozuna) 1103 (266506) 2020-01-28 12:24:14
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