MysteryTwister C3

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Please send the challenge you created (packed within a single zip file) to the following address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The zip file should contain the following:

  • a challenge description (text document is sufficient, we take care of the formatting),
  • a cipher text,
  • a solution (solution phrase) to be used for automatic feedback to the participating solvers,
  • a suggestion for the level your challenges should be part of,
  • a suggestion to the maximal number of tries, as well as
  • the name of the author of the challenge (optional).
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   +++    [10:11 - 17.05.2021] tlon solved the Level I challenge 'Number Sequence'    +++    [03:53 - 17.05.2021] ExAstris solved the Level II challenge 'Lightweight Introduction to Lattices — Part 3'    +++    [22:05 - 16.05.2021] madness solved the Level II challenge 'Unconcealed RSA messages'    +++    [19:40 - 16.05.2021] Konubixe solved the Level I challenge 'ADFGVX — Part 2'    +++    [18:42 - 16.05.2021] rcw8892 solved the Level I challenge 'A modified homophonic cipher with reduced alphabets — Part 2'    +++