MysteryTwister C3

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The MysteryTwister I was started as an international cryptology competition in 2005 and ran until 2006. Different tasks (CryptoChallenges, CC) have been set of increasing difficulty, such as, for example, decrypting an encrypted message or forging a digital signature. The variety of topics covered by the collection of challenges was intended to provide a survey of modern cryptology.

The level 1 challenges (CC1) from the old MysteryTwister were "training tasks", containing random texts and keys for the 5 crypto systems. We have added these training tasks to our new competition "MysteryTwister C3" (MTC3). The training tasks are relatively easy puzzles with a fun Flash interface. There is no Hall of Fame available for the old challenges (there are multiple ones: a global and one for each challenge). The Hall of Fame are reserved only for the new Levels (Level I, II, III and X).

The following five training tasks from the first MysteryTwister can be played here:

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   +++    [12:16 - 16.01.2019] mhoefl solved the Level I challenge 'Number Sequence — Part 4'    +++    [06:17 - 16.01.2019] haegarq solved the Level I challenge 'Cryptanalysis Hacking Puzzles — Part 2'    +++    [23:46 - 15.01.2019] bcarey92 solved the Level I challenge 'Original Caesar Cipher'    +++    [23:24 - 15.01.2019] FindNix11 solved the Level I challenge 'Number Sequence'    +++    [22:57 - 15.01.2019] silva solved the Level I challenge 'Cryptanalysis Hacking Puzzles — Part 2'    +++