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Cryptography Websites Website optimized for smartphones by CrypTool Some easy cryptography riddles for children Cryptography website for kids by the NSA Website of the Cryptoclub of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) (very colourful, for kids, Macromedia Flash required) Cryptography club of the University of Central Florida (last update 2003; certificate invalid since Dec 1st, 2017) Edgar Allan Poe Challenge Webpage to the book "The Code Book" by Simon Singh from the year 2000 (plus the corresponding cipher challenge)

Krypto im Advent: An online Advent calendar for younger pupils (it opens each year from December 1st to 24th)

klausis-krypto-kolumne: Klaus Schmeh's blog about ciphers and encryption consistently introduces (old) ciphertexts, which are often solved with the help of its readers. An animation movie about bot networks by the Dutch Government Computer Emergency Response Team


Cryptography Challenges Cipher contest with more than 300 challenges of different levels, a moderated forum, and a hall-of-fame Cryptography challenge of the University of Southampton (UK) for students up to 18 years Website about the CODEBREAKERS.EU cryptology game (currently 4th edition) (a game for teams with three members, offering 3 levels a 6 tasks (lectures), supported by hints and "cryptologic bombs", often dealing with the Enigma) Matasano Crypto Challenges (8 sets and 48 exercises demonstrating attacks on real-world crypto; solutions planned to be published) CryptoHack is a fun platform to learn how modern cryptography works — and how to break it — through solving a series of challenges of increasing difficulty. These challenges are gamified (capture-the-flag) and supported by an active community of crypto enthusiasts. Challenge by the FBI ECC challenge by Certicom Lattice Challenge for mathematicians In the project UNDERCOVER JOB, ten tasks combining music and cryptography/steganography had to be solved. Enigma Cipher Challenge


(Useful) Github Repositories A curated list of cryptography papers, articles, tutorials, and howtos A curated list of cryptography resources and links List of art projects with a potential connection to crypto


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   +++    [10:11 - 17.05.2021] tlon solved the Level I challenge 'Number Sequence'    +++    [03:53 - 17.05.2021] ExAstris solved the Level II challenge 'Lightweight Introduction to Lattices — Part 3'    +++    [22:05 - 16.05.2021] madness solved the Level II challenge 'Unconcealed RSA messages'    +++    [19:40 - 16.05.2021] Konubixe solved the Level I challenge 'ADFGVX — Part 2'    +++    [18:42 - 16.05.2021] rcw8892 solved the Level I challenge 'A modified homophonic cipher with reduced alphabets — Part 2'    +++