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Advent Challenges

The Advent season should be a time of pleasant anticipation of Christmas. But for many people it is a frantically busy time — buying presents, planning, cooking, baking...
The protagonists of the Advent challenges also fight with their pre-Christmas problems. Are you able to help them und sweeten their pre-Christmas period?

The Advent challenges for the whole family are constructed easily, so that you can solve them without much previous knowledge.
In the weeks until Christmas there will be four new Advent challenges. Enjoy the dissolving!

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   +++    [16:58 - 27.09.2021] Surtees solved the Level I challenge 'Number Sequence — Part 2'    +++    [14:53 - 27.09.2021] jenniferdecastro solved the Level I challenge 'A hidden word'    +++    [14:28 - 27.09.2021] Mercer solved the Level II challenge 'Cracking SHA1-Hashed Passwords'    +++    [09:52 - 26.09.2021] CRYbaby solved the Level I challenge 'How do you become a big cryptographer?'    +++    [17:29 - 25.09.2021] gemmath solved the Level I challenge 'Letter to the Templars — Part 1'    +++