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Cryptology game "the CODEBREAKERS" 2020

The next edition of the CODEBREAKERS International Cryptology Game is just starting! It mixes short lectures about the secrets of the ENIGMA cipher machine with interesting challenges.

The challenges are presented in 3 levels (Trial, Basic, and Advanced). For the Basic and Advanced levels, teams are invited to participate; for the Trial level also single persons can participate. So this is for beginners as well as for experts.

It runs from October 26th to the end of November 2020:

  • Team registration and Trial level are already available at
  • Basic level is available from October 26th (with decisive game on November 13th).
  • Advanced level will be available from November 9th (decisive game on November 28th).

The game will be released in six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, and Russian.

It combines elements of history, mathematics and logic in an accessible way. By learning about encryption and decryption methods, the participants solve virtual puzzles and break increasingly difficult secret messages.

To win, the time that you need for the final task is the most important thing. If needed, notes, time bonuses, and "cryptologic bombs" are available to help to solve the tasks.

More details on:

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   +++    [11:38 - 16.09.2021] silva solved the Level II challenge 'Keyshanc — Part 2'    +++    [05:06 - 16.09.2021] gilotyna solved the Level I challenge 'Number Sequence — Part 2'    +++    [04:58 - 16.09.2021] gilotyna solved the Level I challenge 'Original Caesar Cipher'    +++    [04:49 - 16.09.2021] gilotyna solved the Level I challenge 'Number Sequence'    +++    [23:56 - 15.09.2021] theghost2 solved the Level I challenge 'Original Caesar Cipher'    +++